Thursday, February 24, 2011

May You Dance in the Rainbow

My marriage never reached its potential because – we took that road into the future with no real understanding of what it took to actually make marriage work.

And so whever I offer someone congratulations on their engagement -- I am driven by my meddling personality to offer advice. Here’s the latest:

Dance in the Rainbow…

Allow me to explain – A rainbow consists of 7 colors – the ROY G BIV of our high school science classes. If each color represents a different aspect of love… here’s a different way to look at it… You CAN have any of these ‘colors’ separate from each other. You can have them in combination. But to get the full rainbow – you have to include ALL of them.

RED -- Spending time with each other.
ORANGE -- Being best friends.
YELLOW -- Loving someone.
GREEN -- Being IN love.
BLUE -- Hugs & Kisses.
INDIGO -- the physical expression of your love for each other – making love.
VIOLET –- that’s the spiritual aspect of the two of you coming together.

In a rainbow no single color overshadows any other. It's a balance. Oh and just in case you didn't know it’s a whole lot easier to work from the red down to the violet. [This is known as an upside down rainbow.]

Have I ever experienced the full rainbow? Nope. But I firmly believe that it is possible to dance in the rainbow with my Beloved – whoever he is.

And so I’m learning to dance by myself – learning to love who I am right now. Letting go of the stuff that doesn’t serve me any longer. Creating a future that will keep my nimble mind entertained for a while - a future that I can grow into.

So if you are recently engaged – congratulations. I hope you get to dance in the rainbow with YOUR beloved.

*** Hugs ***


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