Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Lesson learned over a Christmas Ornament

Today, as I worked, a guest came to me asking where he could find a Lenox Christmas Ornament. You know the kind - they're made by the Lenox China Company. I gave him a suggestion and then said "If they don't have it, unfortunately you're going to have to go to the mall. To Nordstroms or Dillards [who both have fine china departments.]"

Normally this is not a big deal... But at 2 days before Christmas - it is a very big deal. Parking is at a premium... babies are screaming. Mom's are grumpy. Husbands are frantically choosing last minute gifts. Cashiers and staff are overwhelmed. And in general shopping this time of year is... well - not MY favorite activity.

His response - "No problem. She's worth it." And his face held a soft smile that reached his alert eyes. I could feel the love from my side of the desk.

And I realized that this delightful man meant it. It meant that he would do what it took to find a gift that would be extra special for the woman he loves.

A friend has been trying to teach me this for the last year. That when you love someone - you put extra effort into giving them gifts that will mean something to THEM. And if it means that you have to get a little uncomfortable - that's what it means. I've always done it for my family and my friends, but have never had anyone do it for me. And I vicariously got a taste of how it would feel to have someone do that for me. Something I'm trying to allow into my life. I thanked him for the lesson.

And then he looked at me and said - "You're worth it too."

I quietly said thank you. And have cried on and off all day. Because this is the very first time it has registered with me that -- I am worth it.


mssuzcatsilver said...

My dear Gayle, you are SO wprth it. Thank you for you and all that you share. Love & light Suz xo

mssuzcatsilver said...

Oops sorry for typo 'WORTH' it even ;-) xo