Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Dreams Come a Size Too Big....

Dreams are an interesting thing. And I've learned a whole lot in the last two years about them. Stuff the rest of you probably learned at your parents' knees. But I didn't. My folks didn't have dreams that they ever talked about. They just put one foot in front of another - getting through each day.

As you actually work toward your dream - sometimes - it's really hard work - pushing you WAY past your comfort zone. Way out of laziness, way into the place where you start to think "I don't really want this after all..."

But the reality is... you and your dream are perfectly suited for each other - otherwise you wouldn't have had THAT dream. The only problem... you haven't grown into the person who can actually make it happen.

Ask any toddler - growing is an achy process. Things stretch, you get clumsy, sleep is disturbed, and sometimes you can't do anything but cry (ok that's me...)

But when you finally get past the learning and to the doing of your dream... you look back and say "WOW - I did it. What next?"

Is this good? Is it bad? I don't know. I like doing things. AND I like just hanging out - living, breathing, enjoying. AND I like the two things to balance.

Does that affect my dreams? YES.

I'm learning to dream about time and space to just BE. And in the process I'm learning how to receive. Sometimes easier said than done. But it's part of the process of becoming who I want to BE.

I know that I'm going to laugh, cry, dance, hug, learn, struggle, surrender, play, work, live and love throughout the process. Because life is not so much about getting to the degree, finished project, or through some hardship... it is about being aware and awake while I'm living - as I go through it.


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