Thursday, June 4, 2009

I Need to Find Music Again

Tonight I went to the symphony. It was a powerful evening of soaring melodies and intricate harmonies that delighted the ear, and created, well, magic.

The magic it created was that, as I explained to the friend I went with, I am ready to sing with someone again. Not professionally, but joyfully, expressively, wantonly, with passion. And I don't want to sing alone anymore. So I shall go in search of opportunities and people, for I need to find music again.

I was a 2nd soprano in a church choir, 25-40 strong, but I grew too liberal for the message and moved on. Then I sang with Lois, a talented alto, in a very tiny, very liberal church. We were 2-6 people singing to a guitar and a bass player. And then again I outgrew the message, and I moved on.

And so now I have no one to sing with. My daughter is grown and gone and my son sings dirges, and only dirges. I do not remember teaching them to him, so he must have learned them from somewhere else. But that is not what I want anyway.

I want close 2-3 part harmony. I want to learn how to find the harmony inherent within the melody, swapping back and forth so that none of us is stuck always being one of the Pips (as in Gladys Knight and the...)

My body has nearly forgotten the hours I spent learning fingerpicking, my voice is rusty from disuse, and I never did learn how to play bass clef with my left hand on my piano. But I will find someone(s) to sing with. Tomorrow.

No. Today. It is now Friday, and I want to sing. So I shall call Lois and see whether she can spare a couple of hours this weekend to help me find the music again.


Heather said...

That sounds like a wonderful thing, and I hope you find your music again. It very much reminds me of myself, when I said back in December of 2008, I need to find my writing voice again. And I have. Good hunting to you, dear, and I'm here if you need an ear.

Gayle McCain said...


Thank you for the support. I left a message for Lois. She's working now, but will probably call this evening.

Thank you for stopping by - and leaving a comment.


Gayle McCain said...

Update - Lois & I are going to get together tomorrow to sing. La La La.


Gayle McCain said...

We sang, we harmonized, we made beautiful music. We're going to do it again.