Saturday, June 6, 2009

Flexing my Butterfly Wings

I am finally done struggling to get out of the cocoon in which I have been wrapped for... a millennium, it seems.

I still remember when I thought I was wounded and dying (emotionally anyway). And I still remember not understanding that the caterpillar had to change. Had to.

I am still a little sleepy, and am still flexing my wings, preparing to do whatever is needed to shine love out into the world. Comforting those who are still stuck in their cocoons. Encouraging those who are still caterpillars.

These people are trying to keep their lives so busy that they 'don't have time' for the change that is upon them. And if they're too busy, then it can't possibly happen, right?

I try not to laugh too loud.

There are butterflies who came out of their cocoons before me. They are kindly offering me encouragement. Because they remember the feeling of being unable to fly.

And I am grateful for their wisdom.

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