Saturday, March 29, 2008

Someone who shares my dream.

Today I am going to tell you about a movie. The Movie was released to theaters sometime around 1983. It broke my heart, and started a dream. At the time I'd been married 3 years and I could not write. At all. Bright, articulate vocally, but NOT IN PRINT. And then I saw this movie.

A 'perfect' housewife enters a writing contest, completing the final chapter of her favorite author's latest Rebecca Ryan romance novel. She wins a trip for 2 to Paris. Her husband, a man who doesn't have a romantic bone in his body coldly tells her he simply cannot take the time off, and so she cannot go to Paris. She goes anyway. By herself, gets mugged and develops amnesia.

We follow our heroine through her adventures - she thinks she's the main character in her book, meets and falls in love with the author of these novels (our hero). Eventually she comes out of her amnesia, only to discover that she's married to .... ick. Realizing that her marriage sucks, she leaves him, ends up with the author, and the adventures continue.

The ending of the movie is my favorite part.

The scene is a wood paneled room, with cozy chairs, a fire in the fireplace. Our heroine has married the hero and her two sons now live with them. She is reading to the boys before bedtime. Reading the latest adventures of the Rebecca Ryan, in the adventures that our two lovers just shared. The novel that they wrote together.

Here's where my life's dream started.

I realized that in 1983, I saw that ending, and fell in love with the idea of a life with a loving husband who is also my writing partner. Apparently I wanted it bad enough to learn to write.

So now, I simply need to finalize my divorce from a man with very very different dreams. And write enough to attract someone who shares my dream too.

In Joy

by the way - it's a great movie.

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