Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Right now I am living what I think of as a rather small life.  I go to school, study, keep in contact with my grown children, keep in contact with a couple of friends by phone, go to choir and church and when it's really good I get to have dinner with a friend every 2 or three weeks.  (I feel better when I get to the gym a couple times a week - but I've gotten lazy and I don't get there - so I hike the stairs at school when I can. Up 2 flights, around, down 2.  Up around down. Back to class.) 

I had imagined that life would be filled with more friends, and less study.  School has been harder than I expected.  I don't learn the way I used to.  Parts of it are easier, but mostly life as a grad student is very different than I expected.

But while I was letting life kick me around - mostly because of my lousy attitude about some really hard classes, I learned a lot about humility, respecting resources, appreciating the efforts of others. I have come to accept life's eccentricities with Grace.

But regardless of where I am, I often find myself in the right place to calm fears, catch someone who is falling, and lift someone else to their feet.  Someday each of these dear people will do the same for someone else.  And with each lift, we change the planet... Someday, way over in the farthest corners of the earth, people will change the course of the planet because somebody cared enough to lift them to their feet.

I'm learning to grant myself permission to follow mental tangents, learning to laugh at my "Oh it's a squirrel" attention span. And then go back to what I'm supposed to be doing. #NoteToSelf #BacktoStudying

I probably won't come up with a cure for XYZ disease, but maybe someday I will give someone just the right idea, and they will.  I will continue to chop wood and carry water, heading into a future that will be a little bit bigger than the one I live in now.

~Gayle McCain~

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