Sunday, June 24, 2012

If you are looking for the sum total of the wisdom of the universe in one concise phrase - here goes:

It's all about Love. Move from love, come from love, do everything from a space of loving and you'll never, EVER go wrong.

Oh and Listen to your heart. It's never wrong either.

Ta Da.

In Love,
in Joy


The Johnsons said...

My daughter's name is Kivi and your book looks like a perfect gift. I just want to make sure the values it teaches line up with our beliefs. Where does the book say anger comes from? How does the character change? Does your book incorporate any Biblical principles? It looks beautiful! Thanks!

Gayle McCain said...

It does not specifically incorporate any biblical references - It is about love. It is about shifting from choosing anger to making every action be a loving action.

I am sorry I did not see your comment till today. I forgot to look.

May god Bless you.

Gayle McCain

Kivi and the Lizard People is available on iTunes